Mission Critical Facility Construction

Power Solutions is one of the leaders in the Mid-Atlantic region in mission critical facility electrical construction.

With its vast experience in the new construction and renovation of data centers, laboratories, hospitals and military infrastructure, Power Solutions knows how to work under the unique conditions present in these types of facilities where operations cannot be disrupted by construction and maintenance. Power Solutions also has the manpower and expertise to complete work on these projects under the aggressive schedules that they demand. We recognize the importance of these facilities to the people they serve whether it be patients, soldiers or Fortune 500 companies and we take pride in ensuring that they are built right and ready on time.

Electrical Testing

Power Solutions' electrical testing group provides services ranging from maintenance to systems analysis, breaker testing, DC battery systems and repair services and 24/7 emergency service.

Recent Testimonials

"Power Solutions was faced with a daunting scope of work to be performed under a challenging schedule and they again proved why they are one of the most reliable electrical contractors in the region by delivering a quality job on time."
— Terry Carroll, AT&T