U.S. Navy Blossom Point Tracking Station


Bringing the nation’s first satellite command and control center into the 21st century

Power Solutions has taken on a lot of unusual and demanding projects in its history but, with the advance of technologies, new challenges just keep coming. One such challenge was the installation of service to two radomes — structural, weatherproof enclosures that protect microwave radar antennae.

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratories’ Blossom Point Tracking Facility (BPTF) provides engineering and operational support to several complex space systems for the Navy and other sponsors. Located 35 miles south of Washington, D.C., in southern Maryland, BPTF is the nation’s first satellite command and control facility, established in 1956.

Power Solutions was brought in to build an entirely new electrical room, with new UPS and backup generators, to serve the facility. We installed new distribution switchgear for the radomes and the adjacent data center.

The project required especially careful planning due to the concrete construction, which necessitated placing electrical service connections in precise locations before concrete floors were poured. Power Solutions has also provided training on the electrical system for on-site personnel.

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