Energy is simply stored potential until it’s set into motion. That’s Power Solutions’… power. The ability to set energy into motion to power mission-critical environments to operate at full capacity and efficiency.

“The quality and consistency of the work delivered by Power Solutions sets them above and that is why they are my first choice among electrical contractors.”
Peter Chew, George Washington University

For over 20 years, Power Solutions has been working in partnership with some of the country’s largest general contractors — crafting, building and maintaining electrical systems for hospitals, data centers, medical laboratories, telecommunications centers, government and military institutions and more.

The Mid-Atlantic region’s premier electrical contractor for mission-critical environments, Power Solutions was founded and is run by former electricians. The result: we’re able to see what project success looks like and work strategically with our clients to create a clear path. It’s a team effort within Power Solutions and with our clients and theirs. All working toward getting the project done right — on budget and on time.

Ranked #1 Largest Electrical Contractor in the Greater Washington Region 10th year in a row!