Our Commitment

The tenets that fuel our commitment, that drive our success — and yours.

Mission Critical.

We understand the inherent responsibilities of working in mission critical environments. Interrupted power can jeopardize lives or eliminate access to everything from critical data to contact with emergency services. It simply isn’t an option. We’ve dedicated ourselves to working in mission critical environments because our commitment and our expertise make us the right fit for the job.

On Budget.
On Schedule.
On Target.

Getting it right means many things to Power Solutions. And they’re never mutually exclusive — our focus is on getting the job done right and on time and on budget. Every time.

The Right Thing.

We will always strive to do the right thing — right by our employees, right by our clients, right for the project. That means collaborating to achieve a better path to execution. Or going the extra mile to ensure a project gets done on time, even when challenges arise. Transparent, reliable, committed. That’s our guarantee.


Powering mission-critical environments takes a combination of expertise and craftsmanship. Crafting a path to meet every need, a solution to every challenge.


The complexity of the work we do makes safety the top priority of every one of our craftsmen. Extensive training and a dedicated safety team help ensure we are prepared to work safely in any environment.


The tools to get the job done. In our case, that means manpower and equipment. It also means technology, training and support systems to ensure our electricians are able to perform optimally and our clients receive the administrative support their jobs demand.

Commitment to Family & Community.

Our employees are our most important asset. They’re also simply important to us. Our commitment to the Power Solutions family — and the communities where we all live and work — is part of our DNA. And what makes for a strong family foundation that is ultimately reflected in our work.


Our aim has always been to maximize efficiencies and performance of the electrical systems we install and maintain. Power Solutions works closely with its clients to discover and implement sustainable solutions for their electrical systems.

Ranked #1 Largest Electrical Contractor in the Greater Washington Region 10th year in a row!