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Build Out of Three Data Center Buildings

In the business of leasing data space, reliability is everything. Data centers simply can’t ever lose power. Redundant power sources, from UPS systems for shorter periods to backup generators for longer outages, are essential.

Power Solutions has had a decade-long working partnership with Digital Realty, the world’s largest full-scale data center provider. In the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, Power Solutions has built over 60 data center suites and installed 150 backup generators at Digital Realty sites.

Most recently, Power Solutions completed the last three buildings and associated data center suites of Digital Realty’s 10-building site in Ashburn, VA. Each of the 25 data center suites was completed within a 16-week construction schedule.

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“Building data centers is all about reliability. These guys simply must NEVER lose power.”

Tom Enzler, Vice President

By the Numbers

World’s Largest

full-scale data center provider


# of data center suites Power Solutions has built for Digital Realty in the DC area


backup generators on those sites


crewmen to meet 16-week construction schedule


MVA of utility and back-generator capacity


MW of UPS capacity