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Chiller Replacement and Installation of New Chillers

Design was the major challenge Power Solutions faced on a data center project at a secure government facility. By thinking vertically, Power Solutions found a way to fit essential equipment into a tight footprint, tie it in with existing electrical systems, expand chiller capacity and, all the while, ensure that the power never went down during the nine-month project.

“Mission critical”-deemed facilities covers a lot of ground. For high security government installations, it carries extra importance.

Power Solutions also suggested that the agency change its original plan for increasing its chiller capacity. The original plan called for 1,500 tons of new chiller capacity, but installing four 500-ton chillers gave the client room for greater capacity in a smaller space — a key consideration on this project. The project also required 5,000-volt distribution from an existing building to the new facility and installation of two step-down transformers.

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