George Washington University Hospital Cancer Center


Install linear accelerator suite equipment and reate cutting-edge treatment center in compact space

The most advanced radiation treatment for cancer available today uses external beam radiation generated by a linear accelerator, which delivers high-energy x-rays or electrons that can be tightly targeted to kill cancer cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

When the George Washington University Hospital Cancer Center chose to create a full linear accelerator suite with two such units, along with MRI and X-ray capabilities, they brought in Power Solutions.

Our biggest challenge: the downtown hospital’s tight, below-grade space into which the equipment had to be installed.

During the six-month project, Power Solutions managed to move the main building’s telecommunications/data closet and keep the system functioning while it carved out space for the new facility. Each of the two linear accelerators has its own dedicated conditioned power source, which had to be located on the floor below the actual treatment suite.

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The Big Challenge

Installing power to sophisticated medical equipment in a confined area