National Transportation Safety Board


Upgrade Electrical Distribution Equipment and Install New Lighting System and Controls

Whether in air, on land or at sea, the National Transportation Safety Board is responsible for investigating civil transportation accidents and incidents. The agency needs fully-equipped and sophisticated facilities to do its job, including what is called the Board Room at its headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The NTSB called in Power Solutions when its Board Room needed a revamp of its outdated theatrical lighting system and a retrofit of its entire electrical system to provide needed energy.

Over 18 months, our team installed new distribution equipment, including panel boards and 30- and 45-kVa transformers, to replace the maxed-out panels and allow capacity for future expansion.

The work was done primarily at night to prevent outages during the work day.

The new lighting system provides greater energy efficiency through advanced lighting controls, and gives the Board Room the capacity needed for video viewing and presentations during accident investigations.

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The Big Challenge

And Then the Rains Came: Just as the Board Room was being completed, heavy rains and nearby construction caused flooding that effectively ruined six months’ work. Power Solutions was still onsite, working in other areas of the building, so the crew could step in and start work immediately to reinstall the lighting system and controls. Within a few months, the Board Room was back in business.