Install power distribution units and remote power panels, replace UPS

Power Solutions’ two-part project with Verizon at the telecom giant’s Perryman, MD facility began with a pretty straightforward task: install 10 power distribution units and 20 remote power panels to supply power to the client’s data center room. The 1800-kW installation was designed to ensure redundancy and prevent any power loss. And it went smoothly, coming in on budget and one month ahead of schedule.

Part two was a different matter. Project Manager Mark Newman described the replacement of Verizon’s six 1,000-kVa UPS unit with four new 1,200-kVa units as “a very difficult project.” Power Solutions had to transfer service to the existing “A” units and make sure it held before proceeding to remove the backup “B” unit and install a new B system — two new UPS with associated switchgears and controls. Then the new installation had to be powered up and thoroughly tested before transferring the old “B” load to the new unit. Once satisfied that the new UPS was working to specifications, the Power Solutions team had to then transfer the “A” unit load to the new system and repeat the process.

And it all had to happen seamlessly, with absolutely no interruption of service.

To further complicate matters, Power Solutions had to work ahead of the GE technicians who had to test the equipment supplied on site rather than at the factory due to schedule constraints.

While working around GE techs as they installed switchgear, Power Solutions brought in two of its own testers to double-check the equipment.

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“This wasn’t part of the original scope of work but when you’re energizing equipment two weeks later, you have to keep your crew safe. And it was well worth it.”
Project Manager Mark Newman

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power distribution units


remote power panels


@ 1,200 kVa each