Walter Reed Army Institute of Research


Replacement of building management system and addition of conduit and wiring for communications infrastructure

The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research conducts important vaccine research in a 520,000-square-foot building — where proper air handling and cooling are absolutely essential. To improve the reliability of the building management system and to increase energy efficiency, Power Solutions embarked on a major three-year project that included replacement of both electrical and mechanical systems.

Power Solutions installed 10 new air handling units and replaced the chilled water plant, the steam boiler plant and the hot and chilled water distribution systems.

To provide the necessary communications infrastructure for some 1,600 air terminal boxes, we also installed conduit and wiring throughout the building and replaced temperature sensors with sensors compatible with the new building management system. The BMS also includes new differential pressure controllers and terminal box controllers, and the new communications system and supply boxes provide air to each room.

During the project the research facility continued its work, which required air handling systems to continue operating. Power Solutions managed this challenge by staging its work in ‘blocks’ of rooms to minimize disruptions and maintain safety.

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Schneider Electric Buildings Critical Systems, Inc

The Big Challenge

Maintain operations in functioning laboratory and coordinate closely with government agency and building contractors over a three-year project

By the Numbers


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