Convert Former Office Space in Prime Location to Technology Center

For AT&T, a 1950s-era building that once housed desks and offices had outlived its usefulness — for that purpose. But office space in downtown D.C. is a very valuable commodity, so the company decided to convert the structure into a center for technology and equipment, including incorporating a data center that would occupy two full floors.

Then came an unwelcome and unexpected discovery: the building actually had only half as much power as anticipated.

Now Power Solutions faced an even bigger challenge than its original mission of installing new UPS and power distribution equipment: how to ensure adequate power supply two new 1,600-amp risers and two new UPS switchboards, power up a 17,000-square-foot data center and keep the equipment adequately cooled.

The local utility, Pepco, pulled in more cables to boost the amperage to the switchboards to meet the present requirement, and will add new cabling to the building over time to allow for expansion.

Still, with a timetable that expanded from four months to almost a year, the project proved to be a real test for Power Solutions’ ability to take on a big challenge and meet it successfully. (Which…we did.)

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Duffey Southeast, Inc.

The Big Challenge

Figure out how to double the power into the nine-story structure

By the Numbers


Power Distribution Units


sq. ft building


worker hours