Chase Brexton Health Services


Panel and Lighting Replacement

The historic Monumental Life Insurance Building has been a venerable presence in the heart of Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood since 1928. When the original insurance company owner moved out in 2012, Chase Brexton Health Services purchased and began to renovate the six-story structure to both maintain its historic character and provide state-of-the-art healthcare.

Power Solutions replaced electrical panels and wiring to serve Chase Brexton’s primary care rooms, ambulatory procedure areas, laboratories, dental offices and more.

Adding lighting to the building’s exterior was a particularly delicate task; the historic exterior could not be marred and any changes required approval from the local historic preservation authorities.

All this painstaking work had to be completed on a demanding schedule, and in some cases, working in conjunction with other trades to meet a hard move-in date required by Chase Brexton. Now, the iconic structure stands as a tribute to Baltimore’s history and serves as a vital health care center for the Mt. Vernon area.

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Hitt Contracting

The Big Challenge

Preserving historical integrity while modernizing electrical systems