Data Center

Data Center Build Out

One of the world’s cloud computing giants called upon Power Solutions to build out a 42 MW, 200,000 square foot data center in Ashburn, VA. Working with the project’s general contractor and other trades, Power Solutions was able to complete the complex project in just nine months. The fast-track project comprised 115,000 square feet of raised floor data center space, outdoor mechanical equipment, 80,000 square feet of electrical room space and 5,000 square feet of office space.

Without benefit of 100%-complete project drawings, Power Solutions relied on experience and skilled expertise to ensure project success, working in close coordination with the project engineer, client and other involved trades. Crews also dedicated extended hours to complete the project under a severely compressed construction schedule.

“Construction of data centers is all about speed and reliability. Our client needs the space turned over quickly to satisfy their customer’s demand. Failure to meet a date is not an option.”
Kenny Johnson, Executive Vice President

The project was awarded a Craftsmanship Award for power distribution in 2015 by the Washington Building Congress and was nominated for a Star Award, a highly prestigious award for outstanding craftsmanship.

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As part of multi-building campus, this data center project not only required close coordination with the other trades involved, but with the base building contractor as well. Scheduling the delivery and installation of indoor and outdoor electrical equipment was a daily task and required the project management team and supervisors to often think creatively to maintain job production

By the Numbers


2500kw Generators and Enclosures


4,000amp Distribution Switchboards


2,000amp Switchboards


2,500amp Switchboards


800kva UPS Modules & Battery Systems


1,000amp Roll Up Chiller Tap Services


600amp Power Distribution Units