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Lighting installation for unique ceiling design

The fit-out of four floors for the Host Hotels & Resorts headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland was different from most commercial interior projects due to the intricacy of ceiling design.

The 55,000 sq ft space included wood ceiling framing panels, stretched ceiling fabric, and pre-assembled glass walls. Lighting installations were particualry challenging due to the complex layout requirements associated with these elaborate ceiling designs. The project required painstaking precision and left no room for error.

Linear fixtures in the wood panel ceiling were installed to appear as continuous runs, even through the top-lit glass walls. Ceilings in the lobby and other public spaces feature diamond-shaped drywall bulkheads covered with stretched ceiling fabric. Recessed and semi-recessed linear fixtures installed around the perimeter and within the diamonds create striking designs.

The lighting design involved installation of 32 different types of fixtures, including 3,000-plus linear feet of pendants, recessed fixtures, and LEDs. Power Solutions completed this complex project within the 22-week schedule.

This project was awarded a 2020 Craftsmanship Award from the Washington Building Congress in the category of Lighting Systems.

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