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High-end design calls for a deft touch in electrical installation

An international consulting firm sought a highly distinctive style for its new location, dedicated to cybersecurity, in Arlington, VA.  Each room in the 30,000-square-foot space was designed to have its own unique look and personality. 

The cutting-edge design included a variety of ceiling styles which presented significant challenges in lighting installation.  Standard light fixtures were not suitable in certain areas, nor would they satisfy design expectations.

Contractor Rand Construction turned to Power Solutions for its expertise in installing high-end, elaborate lighting systems. This $1.3 million project involved coordinating several different types of pendant fixtures with torsion-mounted lighting to properly backlight stretched fabric ceilings. The project also included installation of more typical recessed lighting as well as receptacles, UPS, floor boxes and fire alarms.

Managing the schedule was the biggest challenge, as the lighting design required specialty products that carried long lead times and little room for error. Over 14 weeks, Power Solutions had up to 20 workers onsite to get the project done on time and to meet the exacting standards set for this striking, modern commercial facility.

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