QTS Realty Trust

Data Center

Exterior equipment yard and building electrical infrastructure

When QTS Realty Trust selected DPR Construction to build its newest data center in Manassas, Virginia, the general contractor engaged Power Solutions to install the base building infrastructure and the exterior equipment yard for the 27,000-square foot facility over an aggressive 18-week construction schedule.

This project involved the installation of:

3.6 MW of critical power

2 Outdoor 34.5Kv Switch Gear

4 2500 KVA Pad Mounted Transformers

4 2.25 Megawatt Generators

4 3000A Main Switchboards

4 1200KW UPS Systems

4 1600A UPS Output Boards

14 600A Static Transfer Switches

12 400A PDU’s

1600A plug bus with (12) 600A Bus Plugs

1200A plug bus with (12) 250A Bus Plugs

More than 60,000 feet of six-inch PVC fiber raceway around the building and throughout the site

More than 10,000 feet of six-inch PVC MV raceway installed throughout the site

As with every complex mission critical project, the construction team had to overcome multiple hurdles, not the least of which was severe weather conditions that wreaked havoc on the schedule. In response, Power Solutions developed and implemented a recovery schedule and its crew worked extended single and double shift hours to ensure that all original milestone dates were achieved. The aggressive schedule required careful coordination of feeder and conduit layout/installation as well as close coordination with the electrical engineer and client to ensure the expectations of all parties were met.

The QTS project won a 2019 Craftsmanship Award from the Washington Building Congress in the category of Power Generation, Distribution and Switchgear.

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