CalvertHealth Medical Center


Switchgear Replacement Project

Power Solutions recently completed a critical switchgear replacement project for CalvertHealth Medical Center that required complex coordination and sequencing to maintain uninterrupted service to the facility.

Our team dismantled the existing switchboards one at a time, while utilizing temporary switchboards, locomotive cable, and a network of cable tray in the main switchgear room to keep power to the hospital up and running at all times. The newly installed switchgear currently serves the entire hospital complex and will feed the current expansion and patient room renovation that is underway.

Multiple existing feeders were relocated throughout the project to accept the footprint for the new switchgear and in turn cleared the way for conduit to be run to the hospital’s new three-story addition. Outages were closely coordinated with Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative and hospital staff to ensure a smooth transition to the new equipment.

The installation included all new switchgear, retrofit panels with custom extensions, two new ATSs, custom utility trough, junction boxes, and feeder conduit. The project was another example of Power Solutions’ highly trained and experienced healthcare team applying its specialized expertise to achieve a successful outcome for the customer.

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CalvertHealth Medical Center