Project Centurion

Data Center

Data Center Installation

Power Solutions worked with Hitt Contracting to execute a major data center installation for Aligned Energy – with just one week to mobilize and commence construction.

The first phase of the project involved the electrical installation for the base building of a 370,000 square foot data center. In five months, Power Solutions installed the mechanical infrastructure for a 12MW critical load, power and lighting for the base building, 12 unit substations, and power for critical and mechanical
equipment in 2 MMR data rooms.

The project’s rapid schedule required coordination of full Building Information Modeling while the infrastructure was being installed and after all other trades had completed their coordination.

Power-on dates to all 12 unit substations were required 11 weeks from the start date and during that time, construction for the base building was ongoing. Our dedicated crews worked multiple shifts seven days a week to ensure all requirements were met and the project was delivered on time.

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Hitt Contracting

By the Numbers


2000KVA Critical Substations


2500KVA Mechanical Substations


Low-Voltage Transformers


Lighting and Receptacle Panels


Light Fixtures