Shady Grove Hospital


Upgrades to power system

Power Solutions updated the hospital’s central utility plant with:

  • 3 new 2500KW diesel generators
  • 5 new outdoor transformers
  • 1 outdoor normal power paralleling switchgear
  • 1 outdoor emergency power paralleling switchgear
  • 1 emergency power distribution panelboard
  • 1 normal power switchgear
  • 1 emergency power switchgear
  • Associated indoor transformers with panelboards

Multiple multi-conduit duct banks with nine new manholes were installed from the central utility plant to the main switchgear room of the hospital. Power Solutions also installed five new outdoor 15KV to 480 volt transformers for the main hospital, along with one new emergency power switchgear, replacing old emergency switchgear scheduled for removal.

Installing this new emergency switchgear with all new feeders required painstaking coordination. The existing ATS-A through ATS-I emergency feeds were carefully coordinated to ensure that outage changeovers did not interrupt critical hospital functions. A complete new fire pump feed had to be installed while the existing feed remained in service until it could be safely removed. The project was completed within a five-month timetable using space-specific designs.

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